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Transaction Processing Outsourcing

Novus TRANSACT Platform is a transaction processing system (TPS) that collects, stores, modifies and retrieves the transaction data of the payment system. Transact platform has multiple modules such as Card Management, Merchant Acquiring, Switching & Routing, Content Management, Bills payment, Fraud Prevention, Settlement & Reconciling and 24/7 control center access to support various financial institutions and Retailer business transaction.

We hosted the transaction platform in state of art highly secure data center and a team of highly skilled people monitored the system 24/7 to keep the business continuity at the highest level. Transact platform designed based on multi-tenancy architecture provide strong isolation

By outsourcing Transaction Processing Services to Us, Banks and financial institution streamline their business processes at a fraction of their current cost while improving efficiency and expand their core business performance. Our innovative Platform-as-a-Service guarantees to deliver necessary results without any delay.

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